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Hey guys.

If your reading this then im hoping you are from Colorado and near Englewood.

The reason i am in need of your help is that i have recently sent my tails lights and third brake lights to get smoked to a guy who claims to own a shop called Mile High Detail Center. This place is located in Englewood Colorado.

He has an ebay store and has good feedback, but he has failed to answer my e-mails and to send back my tails lights. I am guessing that he is trying to scam me for my tails. I paid him for the work via paypal so i know ill get the money back, but im pretty sure he will keep the tails and third brake light.

I have his address and just need somone to go down there on my behalf (Tell him your my causin) to find out what the status of my tails is.

Please i fsomeone can help me that would be great.

Please respond or hit me via PM.

Thanks guys
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