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Audio - do it yourself or pro?

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When it comes to something like stereo placement, I'm not certain that I want to do it myself. Why not hire a pro to do it for essentially like $50??? -- or even free if I spend enough $$ at a big-box store.

Has anyone put an aftermarket system in? Did you do it yourself or have a pro do it?
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i have an aftermarket system

panasonic head unit w/ a mdx 8" sub fits nice behind my middle seat..

i had a friend help me out and it came out great
Just depends on what you want to do. You CAN do it yourself, but it's not very much more $$ if you go to a big-box place like Fry's or whatever. They can do it cheap and it's done by a Pro.
I am Sirius

Installed a Clarion Pro-Audio head unit with an aux hookup for my mp3 player (iriver H10 20gb) and Sirius satellite radio. It seemed intimidating when I opened the box (from Crutchfield) but my buddy and I had everything installed in 2 hours. If you feel comfortable changing your oil and making a minimal amount of splices, I would say go for it. Crutchfield included step by step instructions for dummies. Everything works great, stereo sounds much better, and now I have Stern available for the commute into work.
I've done it before, but never in a vehicle that I care about. I've seen some funny looking do-it-yourself jobs, but so good ones too.
I shopped around: ebay, direct from factory website, bestbuy/circiut city type, and crutchfield. Crutchfield wasn't the cheapest, but you can't beat the value you get with thier free shipping, included face plates, all wiring for accesories, adaptors and instructions for dummies. They are always available 24-7. If you don't mind spending a couple extra bucks, and are mechanically inclined almost all will be happy with the(ir) install job.
I installed a CD player in my wife's old Pontiac Sunfire that I bought off eBay. I've put in a coule of other high-end OEM units that I have bought...don't require a lot of time or effort. I've found that most speakers that come with a system are pretty good and can handle the best systems that GM will put out.
I've put a few stereos in various cars over the years. I've found that the newer vehicles are so much easier because they make pre-wired kits for just about anything. I just put in a Pioneer DEH-7700 in my 06 crew cab. I did have to purchase a door-ding module & a steering wheel interface, but it wasn't too difficult to install. While I was at it I installed two 10" sub's & a MTX amp at the same time. I probably took about three hours for the install. I'm sure I saved at least $200-300 bucks this way.
discount car stereo dot com has better prices do it yourself can void your warranty
I have to 12 inch jl audio W3v.3's (subs) in my truck along with alpine mids an highs in all the stock door and piller panels in my regular cab. i installed it all my self i even took most of my interior out and dynamated most of it. ive found that it helps tremendiously. but if you somewhat know what you are doing then its not to hard at all.
i have been thinking about putting a new deck and subs in my pickup as soon as i have the cash i plan on doing it myself. i have put many sterios in many cars and they really arnt that bad especally if you can find the correct wiring harness for it then its almost a simple plug and play just make sure you read the directions and you should be fine. I ripped out the sterio out of my 2005 focus and had my new Sony deck and sub box and amp with RCAs in in 2.5 hours. the truck i think might take a little longer but not much.
Kind of a pain in the Silverado to do a reciever

I put the stereo in almost every vehicle I have ever owned. The 05 Silverado Crew I have had to be one of the most difficult (next to my ex-wifes Eclipse) because of that silly door chime box (not to mention it cost me an extra $75). You have to bypass the original box with a different one to make it work and the aftermarket ones are insane loud because of where they have to be placed. It's in, it works great, but if you can get a Frye's or Best Buy to install then I say go for it.

By the way, thanks to whoever started this forum I needed a new place to talk about trucks.

Your 05 Silverado might have that silly chime thru the front speaker thing so make sure you get the proper harness. Other than that go for it. Save a buck or 2. I would.
i have always put in my own stero. Sub and all. I just put in a new stero in my buddy's STI adn had to fab speraker housings to get everything to fit. Yeah it took a long time but I think that I did as good of a job as what would have been done to hire someone. It all seems fairly easy to me to do all of that
I have always done stereo installs myself. It's really pretty easy if you get the right stuff. You can go to a big box store like Wal-Mart and buy an instalation kit and a wiring harness. The harness make connecting to the stock radio harness a breeze. The wires are USUALLY universal as far as the colors go, and a instalation kit made specifically for your year will fit the stereo in pretty easy. On the wiring harness, always check the wiring diagram of the stereo to know for sure whih color wires do what, once you have wired the harness to the wires of the new stereo, the harness will plug right into the stock harness that unplugs from the stock radio. Feel free to ask me if you need any help. Good luck.
I have always installed my own stereos. It's pretty easy as everyone else has said. I have a buddy who does custom boxes and such so I have 4 8 inch subs under my rear seat sounds great getting ready to put a new 5 channel amp in this week should make a world of difference. I say do it yourself as well it's to easy unless you have the factory stereo with the RDS I think they stated using those in 03'. Then just like everyone else has said you have to get another harness and all that fun stuff. well GOOD LUCK
most places when u spend 99$ and up they install free and the only good decks are over 99$
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