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automatic to manual transmission swap?

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im looking to see if anyone has done this with there truck and what all had to be done to accomplish this aand how much it roughly cost to do...
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I can't tell you what it will cost because geographic location has a profound affect on the price of used parts, but I can tell you a few things you'll run into. If you don't get all your parts from one donor truck & choose to modify some of your own, you'll have to get the driveshaft cut, you'll need a new ds yoke to match the trans tailshaft, you'll have to relocate the rear trans mount crossmember in the frame, (I'd pass on buying a used clutch & pressure plate from a salvage yard. Buy a new Centerforce c & pp unit & you'll be miles ahead), A used wrecking yard flywheel is ok as long as it's not burnt or heat checked or cracked, & the biggest PIA imo is hanging a new pedal cluster. One thing that's often forgotten is you'll need to install a pilot bearing in the rear of the crank for the manual trans input shaft. If you can get all your stuff from one donor truck, you'll be ahead of the game, rather than trying to use & modify some of your stuff. Additionally you'll probably need a few interior pieces like the interior console due to the shifter difference.
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