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Avalanche modifications

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Just curious if anyone has done any mods to their Avalanche.

Could be grill, badging, bumper, rims, tires, etc.
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I've got the air bags, and compressor from airlift that (Mike)MNBourbon and I were talking about way back when. I'll probably be putting those in some time in the future....maybe today. (seems some posts were deleted during that system Even Fiero's post still shows up as 3Com...LOL)

Have to see what's on the agenda.

My wife says she wants to test tow the horse trailer once before I install them, and then after they're installed, to see how it affects the ride. I'm curious to know myself.

The trailer tends to drop the whole back end about 4 inches, so when we drive out of our driveway, the jack on the trailer drags the ground. (we have a steep driveway)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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