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Avalanche/Silverado PARKING BRAKE FRUSTRATION [Expired Topic]

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I don't know how anyone has gotten the Avalanche/Silverado parking brake problem resolved. I have fought with Chevy Corp and the dealership and both refer me to each other to resolve the situation. This has been going on for years. The US Government gave Chevy an out by only forcing Chevy to correct parking brake problems on standard transmissions due to the added safety issues with standards. My parking brake stopped working a couple of months after I got the truck but I didn't think it was that big of a deal until I found out Texas requires the parking brake working. Since the original problem was due to a Chevrolet defect, logically, it should be corrected by them or repair be reimbursed by them. I WOULD RECOMMEND EXTENSIVE RESEARCH BE PERFORMED BEFORE BUYING A CHEVROLET ANYMORE TO HOPEFULLY PREVENT PURCHASING A VEHICLE WITH NUMEROUS DEFECTS LIKE THE aVALACHE HAS GONE THROUGH. TAILGATE CABLES, CENTER PARTITION SEAL, AND PARKING BRAKE NOT WORKING SHORTLY AFTER RECEIVING THE VEHICLE. THEY DID REPAIR THE SEAL BUT ARE ADAMANT ABOUT NOT TAKING CARE OF THE DEFECTIVE PARKING BRAKE. ANOTHER DISAPPOINTTED CHEVY CUSTOMER.
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Hmm, most states (if not all) require a parking brake to work during the inspection, etc. I grew up in the Northwest, but I still put my parking brake on even on flat surfaces. People who grew up down here never put it on. A parking brake is one of those things that if you never use it, it will go out on you.
Hey, I dont know if this is the same problem or not? I am getting a grinding noise from my back wheels. It is not the pads because there is approx. 6mm left on the pads. But I was reading up on the problem with the inner"shell". They say it is like a drum and uses shoes for the parking brake. I am not sure what it is but the sound is like I have no pads is like metal to metal grinding. If anyone knows about this..or any recalls that would be out there could someone let me know! Thanks
How loud is the grinding sound?
It's not that loud, it is just coming from the back tires.....the only way I can explain it is like I have no pads..but I do.. Sorry I hope that makes sense.. it is all I can say.
That problem sounds like it has recall written all over it.
Any news on this? It sounds like the parking brake mechanism could be stuck on, and the shoes have worn down.
Was this an ongoing issue with the Avalanche? Does anyone have any info?
It is a 2003 Z-71

With the 03 z71 I could look up to see if there was any TSB on the issue if someone else hasnt already :)
Not sure if you found a resolution to your parking brake issue but there are typically rear disk brakes which are not involved with the park brake. There is a drum brake setup that engages when you use your parking brake. There is a brake shoe for the parking brake that could be worn out. You can't see it when you pull off the wheel like you can the disc brakes. Grab a Haynes manual and they show you what it looks like. New pair of brake shoes run +/-90.00
all you need to do is remove the rear rotors and adjust the parking brake. the parking brakes work off of the inner drum on the backside of the rear rotors. its not a big deal. once they are adjusted you should not have a problem. the auto adjuster works every time you use the parking brake so once the major adjustment is done it should be fine proving you use it occasionally.
bumping this thread. :great:
I hate drum brakes. Got my AV and was like yeah no drums i got four wheel disk. only to find out i still got drums.:confused:
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