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BAAAD Gas mileage

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My 1997 S10 has all of a sudden take a nose dive with gas mileage. its a vortec 4.3L ZR2 package 4x4 ext cab. i know they don't get the best MPG ever but i should be getting better than 10 mpg city. the only thing i did was clean the throttle body 2 weeks ago. it was gummed up so bad, i figured i would be getting better MPG or at least better throttle response but it is the opposite here. no check engine light or anything like that. i am sure i put everything back the way it was before the cleaning. any ideas?
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More info please. How many miles? What type of service have you done to it? Have you changed fuel filters ever? have you changed the way that you drive?
10 mpg city is too low.My mpg took about a 1.5mpg drop about 3 weeks ago(1998 Suburban 5.7-2wd),and I kinda' figure it is because of the winter blend.I think winter blends are only supposed to lose 3% which would be .5 mpg, but my drop was more like 10%.
Some of the drop might be winter gas-or a different station-but under 10 mpg is too low.
Is it just one tank,or several tanks.
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