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Your wiring may be similar to mine (2008 Silverado.) You will see modular plugs just above and to the left of the spare tire. Trace the wires running to a rear tail light. I chose the driver's side.
The correct wire to splice into was the green wire. The yellow wire goes to the turn signals, and the brown one is for the brakes. I grounded the black wire to the frame rather than splicing another wire.
I just put it in today, and still haven't found the correct hot wire from the fuse box. I plan to use the accessory lighter adapter until I figure it out. Maybe someone else can chime in with that info.
on my 07 silverado there is a stud on the front of the fuze box under the hood. i just bought a fuze for the stud and hooked up the wire to the stud and u have a fuzed wire. ill try to get a pic tomorrow if my explanation doesnt make sence.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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