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I have just purchased a 2003 Suburban. It is very nice and quite a step up for our family. I want to add backup sensors. Does anyone have any suggestions or experience?

1 in the ultrasonic sensors from alarm system in detecting obstacles, only have blind by observing ability avoid in car accidents!
2 when must pay attention to the car back after the children and animals, ultrasonic sensors to detect them may not always.
In march, the car alarm system may not detection distance such as traction hook, fine bar, bar and fine columns, beware of obstacles such as car accidents, and damage.
4 and when the speed under 15Km/h in distance alarm system can work normally.
5, to ensure the bumper of sensors, must maintain its clean function and avoid freeze. With high pressure washers wash in distance sensor alarm system should be short, nozzle and soft sensor at least above of distance. 10cm
6, if your car is equipped with original traction, traction trailer, hangs in reverse, the alarm system will automatically stop working.
In July, car alarm system will distance water also as obstacles.
Eight, please go to the franchise agencies in adjusting range alarm system alarm sound.
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