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Bad clutch master and/or slave cylinder?

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I have a 1995 chevy C1500 2WD 5 Speed manual transmission truck and recently its been getting hard to shift. The only time that it's difficult to shift it when im at a dead stop and I try to shift into 1st gear. I have to really force it sometimes to get it to go into gear. It also seems like it's a little bit harder to shift in general. I noticed that if im idling and I pus the clutch in and try to shift into 1st or any other gear its very difficult. But as soon as I shut it off it shifts into all gears easily until I start it again. The clutch is only about 2 years old so I don't think its a bad clutch. It almost seems like the clutch pedal doesn't really do to much until as it used to. Also how would I be able to find out if its a bad master or slave cylinder that's causing the problem. Nothing is leaking and the fluid level is perfect. These are the original cylinders and the truck currently has 225k miles on it.

The only reason I think its a hydraulic problem is because yesterday it was perfectly fine and today all of a sudden its giving me problems. It wasn't much of a gradually getting worse thing.

Thank you for your time and help all!
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If you pump the clutch pedal does it get any stiffer?
Honestly on my 1988 c1500 it was both, and then the line failed. But usually the slave cylinder is the one that fails first.
No it stays the same no matter how much I pump the pedal. I noticed that if it sits all night or for a long time it will be fine for the first few shifts then it does it again.
I would start with the Slave Cylinder.. parts are cheap enough. Since it is allowing air in. Then go from there
Yeah I agree with Murdog start with the slave. My Jeep did the same thing both the slave and master failed at the same time then after replacing both of those the line blew.
Someone I personaly know thought it could be a warped pressure plate. Could that be a possabilty? It shouldn't be more than 3 years old since I had a new clutch put in it though. What are that odds that it could be that?
basically none because your clutch has pressure at first becuase the air bubbles that are getting into the system they bleed out over night. once you have used it again and gotten air in them then the clutch will work as it wants to. So start with the slave cyl, bleed it really well, and if the problem is still there then your master cyl is gone as well since they tend to go out pretty close to each other with use.
As i said cheap parts, and you dont want to have either fail because driving the truck becomes basically impossible.
Ill give that a shot. Im lucky I work at a parts store so I get 20% off. Any idea how hard it is to do? Also none of the cylinders are leaking so is it possable for air to still get in?

Thanks for your help all
How many miles did you guys have on them when problems started?
About 225k miles for me
I have a 97 Chevy 1500. 4.3 v6 5 speed. I'm curious if anyone can answer where the slave cylinder is located? Any help would be great thanks.
Usually on the inside of the bell housing, you need to remove the transmission.
Yeah I just crawled under it to see that. Makes this a lot more expensive.
A lot more complicated anyway.
Yup. First place to give me a price over the phone said $950. If it was the other way it would be like $200.
On my 98 will I have to drop the transmission to replace the slave cylinder ??
I am having the same problem on my 1995 GMC Sierra C 1500 2wd 5 speed manual transmission, I had the transmission rebuilt, bout a new clutch and slave cylinder. I've bled the clutch but am still having problems shifting into gear. When the truck is off it shifts perfectly into gear but when I turn it on it gets really hard to put it into gear. I don't see what the problem could be? Can somebody help me?
Sounds to me that for some reason you aren't completely disengaging the clutch and pressure plate. Could it be that the slave is the wrong one? is the clutch fork bent, worn or anything?
That's a possibility but I replaced the clutch fork when I bought the new clutch, I also bought a new slave cylinder but on the end of the slave cylinder the rod wasn't long enough to engage the clutch when I stepped on it so I took out the rod from the old slave cylinder and put it in the new one but it's still doing the same thing.
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