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Bad Threads on Transmission [Expired Topic]

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Well, I'm new here so let me start off by saying hello and this looks like a great forum.... I have an 82 Burban that was handed down to me from my step-dad, that has had like 15 previous owners. Anyways, the restoration process has been hell so far and can only get better right???

Ok now on to my problem... I'm pretty familiar with GM since I was in the Army and worked on trucks all the time. My Tranny has a problem though. The threads where the transfer case bolt to the tranny are stripped out. Looks like the previous mechanic tried to use the bolts to lock the two back together after replacing the mount on the crossmember and stripped them out.

My question is can the bolt holes be drilled out and Helicoiled back to stock bolt size or should I be looking for a new tranny? I know these tranny housing can be fragile and I don't wanna waste my time with trying to redo the threads. Any info would be appreciated.
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RE: Bad Threads on Transmission

I’ve never had any luck with helicoils, if the holes are where you can get a nut on the backside that's what I usually do.

If that’s not possible you can tap the holes to the next size up.

Welcome to suburbia, and all things suburban.

While I haven't used them in the situation you mentioned, I've had plenty of good results with helicoil thread repair.

I've used them on everything from lawnmowers to 454 big blocks. 3hp to 500hp and I've never had one fail when installed properly. On heavily damaged holes, I've welded, then drilled and tapped for helicoil use. I've used them in steel, aluminium, and magnesium applications.

You can use them with confidence. Good luck with the 82.
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