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Best tire for me?

Best all around tires?

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Hey everyone, I’m looking into buying a new set of tires for my truck. It’s an 06 Sierra 1500. (Z71, 4wheel, SLE model) Right now it’s stock height with turned keys in the front, but I’m going to put the 2.5” leveling kit from rough country ( unless there’s a better one of course?

I should be able to run 285-295 tires with that kit, but I’m not sure what size exactly will fit/look good. I have 17x9 fuel “full blown” rims that have 265/70R17 tires on them. Any suggestions? I like a nice sized tire, but don’t want it to rub.

Lastly, I need a really good all around tire that actually looks good, I drive highway a lot, yet I still am in the mountains most weekends. I also need the tires to do well in snow, I’m up in Idaho often. I’ve had BigO Bigfoot A/T’s before and they were great, but not the best looking. The Bigfoot X/T’s seem good, any thoughts? I also am interested in the Nitto ridge grappler, how are they? The truck currently has Wild country radial xtx’s that the last owner had, their down on tread though so I can’t pass judgement. Thanks for the help!

Ps. Excuse the pictures, they’re from when I bought the truck a few months ago, I need to take some better pictures than I have right now of it.


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I am a big fan of wrangler duratracs. They are a little pricey but I find they perform very well on my farm trucks in both deep snow and thick mud. They look pretty sweet to. I would look around at places like Canadian tire as they often have very good tire sales. The duratracs are a little loud on the highway though and I’d recommend investing in good mudflaps as they will throw mud, gravel, snow, and whatever else all over the side of your truck.
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