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I am sure this has been discussed to death, so if there is an appropriate link, please let me know.

I am the original owner of a 99 tahoe RWD that has 250K on it. It probably isn't worth $500 bucks now, but my wife and I would like to completely redo it...paint is going to cost me 4K and I'd like to get a new motor, rebuilt trans, driveshaft...and may need rebuilt rear axle. I'd like to keep motor and trans under 10k if possible. I know I will not get my money back out of this project. What I'm looking for:

1. I want something completely reliable, that we can go anywhere in and is problem free for 150-200k
2. I want something that gets good gas least as good as the original motor which was probably 15 mpg on the highway.
3. I want something drop in. I replaced the intake with felpro gaskets once...but would prefer something new...I want all new fuel injection system and not use existing.

So If you had 10K to spend on Motor and Trans...what would you do? Im looking at:

Would I be better off getting a RAMJET 350? I've read many different things on MPG all over the place.
A recommendation on transmission would be nice as well.

Really would like to order motor and transmission complete so I can just drop in on a weekend.

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