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best way to straighten out an alum. running board? [Expired Topic]

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i purchased my truck with a set of aftermarket flat aluminum running boards. (well the rear quarter of the running board is somewhat tilted upward) its not truly noticable,but i notice it,and its really itchin at me :cry: was wondering if i could get a 2x4 or something in that realm to level it back out and sorta hammer it back straight without taking the whole board off? (the boards have like 3 pegs underneath that bolt in to the chassis. i thought that probably one of the pegs were bent, but all of them are straight. so it seems all that was harmed was the board itself. can someone share me some light on this ?
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sounds like someone backed over something and bent the board. what you want to try sounds like it will work aluminium if very pliable but at the same time very brittle. dont get to carried away with the hammer.
now that was interesting i wrote that post and it came up writen by wloveland. interesting very interesting, but weird.
Yeah, this installation of the message board is WHACKED and I'm starting to steam a bit. It should work fine, but there is some type of messed up config setting that is causing some problems. I've got a request in for some help on a community message board for some help. We'll see if I can get it straight this afternoon.
I think perhaps that this was one of the only ones that got screwed up.

Fiero, let me know if you have problems getting logged in with your password. If so, email me what you want it changed to and I'll fix it for you.
any other suggestions? before i start hammerin away :lol:
just pay attention to the running boards and dont go to far, and remember aluminium is brittle to so if you see what even looks like a crack stop.
Reminds me of a trip we took when my buddy Tim took out his dad's Ford old F100 4x4 without asking while they were on vacation. (Like 20 years ago ... man I'm getting old). Ended up going out 4 wheeling without a hitch, had a great time. Got it washed, waxed and looking like it was before we took it out.

Then we went to a burger joint, BurgerMaster, the type with carhops, etc. He backed the thing into some landscape pilings and bent the bumper down at a 20% angle with only hours to get it fixed! Took like 5 guys and some unique tools to get that bumper back to normal. I don't think his folks ever caught on.
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