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Big time wiring problems? 1994 GMC 1500 truck

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so i have a 1994 GMC 1500 i picked it up the other day for $450! What a deal right? NO! but you get what you pay for ahah. Anyways the truck didnt run when i got it, I was told that it only need a starter to run which was no problem to change and it started up no problem i took it around the block a couple times i was excited ran great no problems i could feel or hear other then the terrible exhaust leak! Well then i decided to take this truck to work which is only about 2 miles away on the highway... i made it a mile what was happening was the truck started shaking at about 60 so i just let off the gas and it started shaking more finally at about 45 my drive shaft FLYS from underneath ny truck and shoots up about 4 feet into the air! The truck stalls and i pull over to the shoulder and tried to put my emergency lights on but they wouldnt work. Then all my electrical failed, my radio my lights my AC my blinkers. I knew they worked before this happened so i tried again nothing happened, so i tried starting it back up nothing no click no nothing. The next day after i got it home and everything it still didnt do anything!

Finally i started to hold the key down and about every 10 seconds it would turn over it wouldnt start but it would turn every it started once but shut off after running for a while so i started willing the wires around under the steering columb and the battery wires everything i could see thinking maybe a wires loose or not getting conection. well after that it stopped turning over at all no battery light no check engine light the battery was still charged it was being charged the whole time any idea what this could be?

And by the way the driveshaft is gone and the transmission may be shattered
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I had bought a 1994 Chevy 1500 W/T for $325 bucks with 330k and that was the best darn hunting truck ever!...took it everywhere!...manual also...but best of luck to you with your "new" project!
Im with cut your losses before you dig deep into your pocket book...sell the parts off of it and make some money back:great:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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