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HI, I have been a member for about a year now but never got around to introducing myself, I work as a maintenace nechanic in a printing plant in Illinois and have been in this type of business for the past 30 years, prior to this I was a Ford and Chevy Dealer ASE Master Mechanic, got laid off in 1981 and couldn't find work so I got into this. Now I own a 1999 Chevy C2500 Crew Cab LS 7.4 2x4 with 175,000 miles, trying to keep it running and to reach at least 250K. I hope to be more involved in answering some inquires on the board, I know a lot has changed since I left the dealer, but many things still have the same core, so hope I can be of some help to some, and some to me.

Bigg Ron
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Welcome to the club
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