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Black Line X or color match front bumper??

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I am seriously considering having my front bumper/lower valance done in Line-X. I am getting alot of rock damage to the paint and one area has even got a half dollar size area where the paint has chipped away on the last trip to Los Angeles.

The delima I am having is one, will it even look good?

Two, would it look ok in just black or should I color match. Color matching adds about 300.00 to the price of a truck bed....I am guessing its not much less than that for a bumper also.

Touch up jobs to the bumper are running me about $100 a shot and I have done that twice already. Its about $350.00 to paint the valance. If I do that I would also do the clear vinyl film over it - thats a good $300 just to have that installed.
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I don't think the Line-X would match the style of your truck. 3M makes a clear vynil that comes in differant sizes that goes over the paint. It works well and helps soften the hits on the front end. Most good body shops can get and apply the 3M.
Thanks for everyones input. I got a quote from the dealer where I bought the truck to paint the valance and apply the 3m film for $400.00. That's the route iam going to take. I wil drop it off to them in a couple of weeks.

The quotes to color match line x are about 500.00...pricy and I agree with those of you who said it just doesn't fit the truck.
I think you'll be much happier with the new paint and 3M treatment.:glasses:
Ya, my projectors and tail lights have black but I would need to do the rear roll pan and probably do Line-X on the lower panels all the way around the truck to even get it to all tie in. Then I am not sure about texture etc..


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