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Black Line X or color match front bumper??

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I am seriously considering having my front bumper/lower valance done in Line-X. I am getting alot of rock damage to the paint and one area has even got a half dollar size area where the paint has chipped away on the last trip to Los Angeles.

The delima I am having is one, will it even look good?

Two, would it look ok in just black or should I color match. Color matching adds about 300.00 to the price of a truck bed....I am guessing its not much less than that for a bumper also.

Touch up jobs to the bumper are running me about $100 a shot and I have done that twice already. Its about $350.00 to paint the valance. If I do that I would also do the clear vinyl film over it - thats a good $300 just to have that installed.
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I definitely love the look of how smooth your truck is and like Stuart mentions, I also think it would mess with the mojo. I also agree with everyone about keeping the color in-line with your paint scheme and not black. Is there another substance you can use to help with the chips that really won't change your look? I really like how your truck looks now and think you got it right.
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