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Blinking Interior Lights! [Expired Topic]

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Has anybody had the problem of their courtesy lights intermittently turning on and off on their suburban? Have a '99 Suburban, and I hear clicking from what sounds like a relay under the dash. A few times it turned on and drained the battery over the night.

Would appreciate any comments.
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I've not heard of this being a major issue for a lot of people. It's possible that a relay went out. They're pretty cheap if you can find it yourself and change it.
If your suburban has keyless entry with valet lighting, then you might want to look in that direction. But start simple, go witht he relay.
Followed your lead and found the source of the clicking - probably the relay. Itls about 1x5x2 and is tucked under a sheet metal pouch under the dash near the steering column - making it very hard to get to.

Judging by the size could this be a relay with the timing circuit. (The problem seems to be related to a timing circuit that keeps the dome lights on for a while after closing the doors.)

Do you have any suggestion to test this piece without taking it out first. Is there a quicker way to get to it without
taking the whole dash off? Also, are there any electrical schematics of the suburban available on the web?
I've got a schematic for '96-'00 courtesy light system.
Hope that helps. Sorry, I don't have any advice on how to get to the relay short of unbolting the steering column from the dash, which will let it drop a little, and maybe give you a little extra space.
Have any kids with small hands and arms? :) Just kidding.
Hey Patrick - thanks for the schematic. It will let me check the wire color codes on the module before I attempt to take it out.

Steve - Thanks for the tip on dropping the steering column. I will try that although I still have my eye open for any kid with a set of spanners walking on my block. :)

I'll keep you guys posted.
No problem, anytime. :D
let us know how that works out. I don't think that I can say that I've ever had a relay go out that controls the lights.
clicking upon attempt to start -- dead battery

We have a 1999 Suburban with 37,000 miles and we are experiencing the same problem... my battery keeps going dead as well. :cry: Thanks for the suggestion to check the relay. We too are hearing all the clicking and kept thinking it was something down under the steering column.
Interesting that two board members had the same issue come up. Keep us up to date on the progress if you get it working.
Just to throw another handful of sand in the works...I have just encountered the same problem! My son went into the garage one night and found the dome lights on. After checking all the doors, etc., and messing with all the switches, I finally got them to go out by pushing the bypass button on the dash. I took it to the dealer with and AC problem and had them check it out. At first they told me I didnt' know how to use the dimmer switch correctly and gave me a short "training session" on how to use the switch. When failed as I was leaving the parking lot, I went back and they checked it with a meter. They said it was the dimmer switch itself going to ground ($75 plus labor). It makes the clicking noise and blinks in the same way as everyone described by everyone else but the dealer said it is the switch and not a relay. I'm still not totally convinced, however.
I'm not quite sure where to post this one as I don't find a specific category for AC problems. My dual ACs have been acting funny, on and off, but now they are persistent. I first had the problem of the compressor cutting out when driving in city traffic on a hot, humid day. Then it progressed to not cutting in after I stopped the engine for a few minutes on hot humid days. These would occur very infrequently over the past three summers. This summer, however, it has gotten to the point where it does it every time I shut the engine off to run into a store. The AC always comes back after I get the vehicle out of city speeds for a few minutes (say 45 mph for about 5miles). I took it to the dealer and they said it was probably just low on freon but later told me the compressor had a leak and for $1000 minimum they would replace it. They also said I should only expect to get 4-5 years out of a compressor. My 99 only has 71,000 miles on it so it's got far less wear than "normal". It will freeze you out like it always did but running around town in August in Alabama with intermittendt AC gets a little tough. I'm not totally convinced that this is not another electrical problem brought on by heating in the engine compartment and not simply the compressor because of the conditions under which it happens. Drop the humidity and temperature (like in May or September) and it doesn't do it. Every time it has failed always been in July and August! I have changed all the AC relays that I can find with no change. Any insight?
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Maybe there's dirt or leaves between de radiator and the AC cooler :idea:
I agree with Davandy. Check for any kind of air restrictions near the AC coils in the front of the truck.

You may also want to take the truck to local repair shop that's authorized to work on air conditioning systems. They can check the pressure in the system, and let you know if it's low, or if you have a leak.
Interior Lights

I found a good tip on another sites' forum...clean the contacts on the rear hatch/tailgate or doors. I did it and my lights have not blinked since. The contacts were not what I was expecting so look close. I used some alcohol and a q-tip.
Thanks, I'll certainly check the air flow areas. I'm taking it to a radiator shop to have them flush the cooling system before we take it on the road and I'll talk to them. They also happen to be a certified AC repair shop and are good.
I've seen problems from crusted-over contacts before, just not quite like you destribed though.
Had this happen once went around and checked and cleaned the switches and it has not happened since.
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