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BLowing Airbag (A-BG BATT) Fuse in '07.5 Silverado 1500, thoughts on a cause?

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I'm driving a 2007 New style Silverado 1500. I've blown the same fuse twice since I owned the truck, about 30k miles ago. It's the Air Bag (Batt) fuse. Both times it's blown on engine start-up. The fuse is a 15a, just as the diagram calls for, but if it's blown on me twice, it has me wondering why? It seems silly to put a 20a in there; that's like disabling a house fuse or breaker, thereby ensuring a small act of arson in your wall.
Anyone else hear of this problem, or have an idea why I'm pushing enough through to burn out a fuse every 15k or so?
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I have not heard of this concern before, but I would like to look into this further. In order to do some more research, I will need the VIN as well as the current mileage. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
Forgive me for being skeptical of putting a VIN up on the internet. I will say that it's at 55,103 miles and was manufactured in the TN plant, and was serviced at Go Chevrolet North Broadway about a year ago for this issue.
I can understand your concern regarding the sharing of this information publicly. You can also email me the VIN, if it would make you more comfortable. My email address is [email protected]. Be sure to address the email to Tricia. Without the VIN it will be difficult to search for recalls or bulletins that would apply to your particular vehicle and situation. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
Long Overdue Update

Sorry everyone that this is a little late. Shortly after my last post I got assigned to an out-of-state job for a few months and didn't have my truck with me. Now that I've returned, the saga continues: Picked the truck up from our tool yard and when I started it it had blown another fuse. I put a pack in the glove box in preparation for this. As I inserted the fuse I saw an electrical arc from the left side of the fuse box (the side pointing to the front of the truck). Drove it home with it saying the air bag needed servicing. Tried again in my driveway. Same issue, this time I inserted slowly and watched as it blew the fuse, from the same side. Both of these times was shortly after the truck had been running, so maybe the capacitor in-line was storing a charge and causing this. I've disconnected the Negative terminal on the battery and am letting it sit for a half hour before trying again to see what happens, although it sounds like a ground short to me. I recall hearing something about trucks in heavy snow states that had a GM recall regarding the air bag and corrosion, the truck lived in Iowa from 07 to 09 when I bought it, if I remember the car history right. ---------- UPDATE: I put the new fuse in, the reconnected the battery; started the truck and promptly blew the fuse again. What started as a mild concern is now a life safety issue. No air-bag at the wrong time could lead to a painful demise; and let's face it, Colorado drivers are not known for being polite and courteous. I've e-mailed Trica, (the posted above) and we'll see what comes from that.
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Here's my resolution update: GM set up a warranty claim for me, and convinced me to take it back to the Chevy dealer that worked on it under warranty over a year ago. They spent a few hours looking at the truck and finally came back agreeing that it was an electrical short. They said it was under the e-brake pedal. They agreed to pay for everything except $50. All in all, I'd say I'm satisfied with the way GM corporate handled this issue.
That great to hear that GM is taking care of your issue! I would say that a $50 deductible is definitely worth several hundred dollars in parts and labor to fix the issue.
No doubt! The dealer said it was about $150 in P&L, waiving the diagnostic fee. It's a far refreshing turn of pace after just finishing with VW and my parents arguing for two years regarding a turbo issue that was 'fixed' under warranty.
I won't say I was thrilled over the phone conversations with GM, or that I trusted them; but they have done right by me and I felt the $50 was a fair compromise.
I am also glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. Please feel free to contact me if you have any future questions or concerns. Thank you.

Tricia, GM Customer Service.
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