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So I have a 2006 GMC Sierra 1500hd and I’ve got the typical rust/cracked paint around the handles on my doors, 3 outta 4 actually lol. I was wondering if anyone had any tips ?

I was also thinking of maybe adding a very small bead of black silicone along the backEdge of the door handle, let it dry so it’s like spongy rubber seal like. Then once the handle is tightened up it should act like a seal to stop water from entering right... lol theoretically it should work, but also other elements can be at large as well. Dirt, small hole allowing water to be trapped .... also have thought about maybe small seal like used for sealing doors and etc, just something very small to seal it against the body. A seal that repeals water.

would either of those be a good idea, Or just leave em as is factory way ? Factory way I worry that the plastic of the handle itself will create a crack or wear mark into the body overtime/use. Trying to prevent that if I can lol
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