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I have a 2011 chevy HD2500 with the 2 1/2 hitch, but i have to use the 2" adaptor the give you from the factory.. it's a 12000 LBS trailer weighs roughly 3500 empty. i was using a standard 2 inch receiver to pull it until last night when the trailer sunk in the ground and had to use the tractor to pull the truck and trailer out and i ended up bending the receiver. so now i am on the hunt to buy something a little heavier. I was wondering should i try and find a 2 1/2 receiver or would it be okay to go to TSC and buy a 2" one, but one that is rate for 12000 LBS. They have the forged receivers for 55 bucks and they are rated at 12000. I have heard that some people have been having troubles with using that adaptor for the hitch and that if you are going to be doing heavy hauling to buy a 2 1/2 receiver. I don't use the trailer everyday, nor will i be pulling a heavy load all the time either. Just wanted some opinions. i also have a weight distrubting hitch that we had on an enclosed car hauler and wondered if using that hitch with out the bars would be better. Thanks for the help.. I need to buy a new reciever tonight so i can get the trailer back to the barn which is about 20 miles away.
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