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Bow Tie Discoloring

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My roommate has an 08 Silverado. The gold part of his bow tie on his tail gate is turning black between the color and plastic. He's already had it replaced once and it's getting pretty bad again. Has anyone else had this problem and is there any way to prevent it?
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I have had my rear bow tie replaced once and my front replaced twice. The dealership really could not give me an answer what was causing it or if I was doing/not doing something to cause it.
I've replaced my back one once.While its still under warranty he should get it replaced or he can paint it.
My GM rep told me 3 weeks ago that a real fix is coming, and to tell my customers that the emblem i put on today, may (and probably will) de-lam again. They are changing to a new supplier and process. The "new" emblems will be out soon. Wish i could say a date.

My 07 emblem is/was perfect, the original supplyer must have made them right. Then...they must have changed because something happened. I popped off my outer plastic cover (carefully with a putty knife), painted it body color, and glued it back onto the chome backer. Looks great.

But, if you are going to buy one, buy one for an Avalanche. It is deeper, center of the bowtie sticks out further, and IMO, has a better looking gold color. It has tabs on the back, (Avalanche has alignment holes in the gate) that would need to be sniped off for use on a Silverado. Otherwise, it is the same size and same adhesive backing.

I do so many of them, i dream about them. There are new trucks on the lot with bad ones.
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GM has extended the Bow-tie problem to 100k for warranty.
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