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Brake life and logenvity. [Expired Topic]

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How many miles should I expect to get on a set of front disc brakes when I am towing a trailer? I'm getting like 7500 miles lately and that seems like far too few miles.
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If you are towing a 30+ foot trailer like you said you were in a different post. Then it's not necessarily too little to get 7500 miles on brakes. The new materials that they're making brake pads out or are not as long-lasting as the old ones are.
I agree. When towing you should cut your brake lift down quite a bit.
On your next brake job splurge a bit of money and change your rotors and pads to Raybestos Superstop Severe Duty. These are excellant for heavy towing/braking and are durable. The rotors are cross-drilled and vented to help prevent overheating and brake fade.
My Suburban stops on a dime, gives you confidence,especially in poor weather conditions.
That sounds like just the ticket, I'll have to look into that my self, just trying to remember last time I did brakes on mine. Probably not even a year ago....
What does those cost to get a set of those?
Some good info on brakes. Myths busted, questions answered.....
TrailLeadr, Good link, Too ofton I hear people tell me that they bought generic economy parts because they think the parts are all the same. It pays in longevity and durability to by quality(cheaper in the long term to).
Steve, replaced my rotors appro. 2yrs ago, The rotors cost about 160USD a piece at that time. The cross drilled/slotted rotors very in price depending on vehicle make and rotor manufacturer.
Ron :D
a friend who does a lot of work for one man who has a 2001 saturn, replaced the brake pads 3 times at 20,000 intervals finally had him get a set of oem, saturn brake pads and the man hasnt had to replace them yet, going on 50,000 miles and going strong. the first set of origanals lasted over 50k so there is some truth that factory parts are better i guess.
by the way that saturn has over 300k on it and running strong, the guy maintains this car perfectly. so do your mantainance and hope for the best.
Wow! That's pretty impressive even with regular maint. I presume it's a 4 cyl in that Saturn.
not sure about it being a 4 or 6 cyl, but to be honest it wouldnt matter 300k is good for a car that has just been maintained with regular maintainace.
i will ask the next time but i think he said he did do struts on it a year agao but on a car with that milage that is just regular maintainace.
300k is good for a diesel.
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