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brake light problems

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I am new to the site and this is my first post:
I have a 92 shortwide half ton that has brake light issues. Original problem was only the passenger side turn signal worked on the rear, no running lights or brake lights. I isolated a bad tail light circuit brds and a bad light switch in the dash. I have replaced the tail light circuit brds, light switch in the dash which now have everything but the brake lights working. I have not checked to see if I have emergency flashers working. Just for good measure, I replaced the brake light switch and still no brake lights.

My next thought was to isolate the wiring but I don't have a wiring schematic or repair manual either. Is this a common problem with this year model? Thank you for any suggestions offered!
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sounds funny. is your wiring all connected that you know of? thats all that came to mind for me. keep me updated
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