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brake line 03 suburban

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so I stomped on the brakes today to avoid rearending a guy, and later tonight noticed a little puddle on the drivers side. must be I broke a brake line. its dark so I didn't bother crawling underneath yet, but I've got a little research to do before the repair tomorrow.

does anybody know if the gas lines run along the drivers side with the brake lines? hopefully they run down the pass side...everything underthere is gonna be rusted I'm sure. I just wonder what I'm gonna be disturbing, and repairing.
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Most likely it's the rubber portion (flex line) of the brake line at one of the front wheels that ruptured from stomping on it Kenny. After a few years they get brittle & weather checked & can't survive the high pressure. The flex portion of the front brake hoses are plenty far away from the fuel lines so no worries there.
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