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Hello ya'all;

Well like the title stated The major brake overhaul on the 'burb is complete!

Holy Cow! Man o man I forgot what it is like to have brakes once again!

Everything is still bedding in, & everyday the brake pedal gets firmer & firmer.

Man do those cross drilled & slotted rotors perform sweet.

I also replaced all 4 shocks, shoot the shocks that the previous owner had on the 'burb looked like they belonged on a chevette these thing were punny,
I replaced them with Gabrial Ultra's - big fat shocks - ran over a rough road & the wife wondered out loud when the city got around to paving the road - told her the road was still bad - that it was the new shocks!

So the repair shop who did the labor for me the checked everything out underneath the 'burb, fornt end is still super tight, ball joints & bushings are still good, will need to replace the pinon seal as it is leaking a little, tanny pan has some seapage - will address that when I change the filter & fluid in the tranny - power stearing hose (high pressure) has some seapage - & will need to replace the serpetine belt again. Other than that the ole' 'burbs underside is nice & tight - way cool!

Finally found out what was wrong with the Driverside door - the factory
door skin has come loose so the door is sagging - will have to source another
door & have it painted & all of the hardware swapped over to the new door.
so that will have to wait awhile - other more pressing items first.

So all -n- all a very worth while vacation day spent @ the shop, I was able to change the oil & filter (went to valvoline synthetic blended oil) was able to grease the front end ( used the synthetic blended grease) & topped off the rear axle (once again used the synthetic bled here also) Could not afford to go for the full synthetic stuff since the budget is/was tight.

Talk to ya'al later.

Very Respectfully,

J. Gary Bodnar
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