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Well I am collecting the parts to have a complete brake overhaul done on the burb. Finally!!!!!!

Have had the burb to a couple of shops, & almost needed to have a heart check done on me after the estimates :-(

Finally found a gentleman, here in San Antonio who will work with me, & let me buy the parts & he does the labor - fair enough.

So here is what is being done....

New Rotors (I splurged & bought cross drilled rotors)
New calipers
new pads
New brake hoses
new inner & outer bearings, & seals
new master cylinder
new drums
new shoes
new spring kits (brake hardware kit)
new rear brake hose
& new shocks all around.

I have had the burb to different shops here in town, & none could tell me why when in a "panic" stop situation the right front wheel would lock up, had the brake system flushed, & bled but to no avail. Finally just decided to replace everything & start fresh. Will let ya'all know how it goes.

Very Respectfully,

J. Gary Bodnar
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