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Braking Issue

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Hey all,

I'm new owning a truck and was wondering if what I'm feeling while braking is normal for such a heavy vehicle.
When I apply the brake softly when coming to a red light the whole truck kinda vibrates like the rotors are warped. But if I give it a hard mash on the brakes, there is no vibration. I can especially feel this when slowly braking from 40MPH or faster. This truck is an '06 crew cab Z71 and I just bought it. It supposed to be GM certified 5yr/100K mile warranty..Is this something i should be concerned with?
One other item, I get a bird chirping sound on slow left turns.....WTF is that about?

Thanks Guys!
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someone must know what I'm taking about

....bumping to the top! Someone must have encountered this before.
....bumping to the top! Someone must have encountered this before.
There's also noticeable vibration on my truck when I apply the brakes going down a steep hill. I also get a lot of brake dust on the front wheels, and upon closer inspection, the disc rotors aren't completely flat, but have small ridges on them.

Is this normal, or should I take it in to the dealer? Does this sound like something which can be fixed under warranty?
Hey nakedicarus,

I took my truck back to the dealer and thankfully they covered it under the warranty but it turned out to be a warped rotor. They turned the rotors and readjusted the front and rear brakes. The shuttering is gone now and she brakes normal. I'm told these trucks need to have their brakes checked every 6K miles if you drive them hard, if not, they should still be checked every 15K miles. (thats what the stealership told me)

If you're under warranty, take it back and have them look at it, if not, any tire/brake shop should be able to turn the rotors for about $100.

Good lucK!
Hey guys, sorry this thread got buried, and wasn't responded to. I'm glad to hear you got the rotor taken care of, mudder69.

Sergio, The rotors not being flat is not normal, and could contribute to excessive wear of the pads, which will give you a lot of brake dust. I would say that it most definitely should be covered by the warranty. But the only way to know for sure is to speak with the service manager.
Also remember that you are not required to have your truck serviced at the dealership you bought it from. If you don't like how the service is done, or what they're telling you, take it to another dealer. Many dealers will gladly go a step above to win you over as a customer.

Good luck, and let us know how you make out.
Rotor Wear

Not sure what they cost on a Silverado, but when I bought new rear rotors for my S10 ZR2 at around 80k miles they were only $25 each. So, you can turn them, but after a while the price seems to be pretty reasonable if you want a fresh set. By Contrast on a BMW expect to pay $200/rotor before labor, and on a current Ferrari with Ceramic Disks expect to pay around $8,000/rotor! Truck parts from GM are still pretty reasonable.

CT Greg
08 1500 Ext Cab
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