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brush gaurd with body lift

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i heard that you cant have a grill gaurd with a body lift because they both mount up to the same spot, i was wondering if this was true because i was thinking about getting a body lift but i dont want to lose my grill gaurd
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The main problem is the brushguard mounts directly to the frame and if you install a bodylift raising the body 2 or 3 inches higher than it currently is then the brushguard is not going to line up with the grille or headlights and in my opinion would not look right at all. Most brushguards have built in contours so they fit the front of your truck and not be directly in front of the headlights.Most bodylifts also come with special brackets to relocate your front and rear bumper and sometimes you still have to do a little cutting and welding. Usually have to modify the steering column and brakelines and fan shroud.Generally more trouble than they`re worth. Been there done that.
With custom manufacturing and a little welding you can keep the brushguard on after a bodylift. By extending the frame mount points equal to the amount of the lift you can keep it on.
The brushguard wont be as strong as original and may have a little more vibration while driving, this will probably only be noticeable if you have lights mounted on it.
I did one for a 99 Tahoe a few weeks back that had a 2" bodylift, it took about 2 hours total to do, about 30 minutes of that was welding. A plasma cutter is almost a neccessity to complete the job.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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