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Brush guard and push bumpers

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Westin has completely redesigned their popular Bull Bar and is now called the "Ultimate Bull Bar." Every application is custom fit, fully assembled and includes the Stainless Steel Skid Plate as pictured. The "Ultimate Bull Bar" is the perfect alternative for those who want that distinctive look, front end protection and a way to mount their favorite auxiliary fog or driving lights. Available in Highly Polished Chrome Plated Stainless (CPS) or Black Gloss Powdercoat Finish (Paintable). ... catid=1016
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That's a bull bumper. It would be nice to have some lights up front that are covered by a wire grill like that though.
man i like those but not sure how it would look on my truck gonna have to look for some pics
I like it, makes it look tough.
Dont you have to take the frt tow hooks off for install?

06 Z71 Crew 5.3
yep, front tow hooks need to come off and it doesnt look like the bar replaces them anywhere. It does look pretty tough though
That's a pretty hard sell for me. I don't know that I'd want to give up the hooks for looks. I know I hardly ever use my hooks, but the day I'd take them off, is the day, or week I'd need them. It does look good though. Too bad they don't offer some kind of option to retain your hooks, and the guard.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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