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Bug Deflector?

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I'm getting tired of bugs splattering all over my windshield!! I had a bug deflector on my '97 Ford Ranger, but never really liked the looks of it. I know there are some new styles out that might look better, but I'm still wary. Does anyone have a bug deflector on the same body style as my truck (description in signature)?? If so, how does it look and work? Post pictures if you can. Thanks!!
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I bought a bug deflector for my 03,should be same body style, It fit the curves of the truck. Unfortunately it changed the air flow coming up the truck and the little rubber flaps that covered the hood hinges would flap in the wind going down the road. I finally took it off because of the noise.
Bug Deflector

I have the Lund Interceptor on my truck. 06 1500. My truck is black so you can hardly tell I have it on there. It contours perfectly and fits like a glove. I don't have any noise or anything. Besides, it is much better then all those paint chips you get without one.

I have a pic of my truck in the members rides section. I can take a better one of only the bugshield if you want and pm you with it.

Let me know.

Never been a fan of the bug deflectors and how they look on these trucks. Not to mention that the trucks that I've been in still seem to get plenty of bug/rock hits on the windshield anyways. If it does help at all, it might for the lower portion of the windshield...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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