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Burb 2003 front blower woes!!!

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Hello, I purchased my 2003 burb in march 2007. I have the dual electronic controlled hvac system. Lately I noticed the front blower does not run when calling for AC. I get some cold air coming out my front vents when I go 65 mph on the highway. My rear air blower works properly at all times. Is there a recall on this issue or Tech Serv Bulletin?
2003 Suburban
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More info please

You didn't mention if the problem is just during AC use or if the blower works when you use the heater. A common problem on GM trucks is the diverter which you can search these forums for a solution.
follow up

Hello, I did some more testing and determined the following:

I was able to get heat or cool air, thus the air diverter is working properly.

My issue is with the front blower. It has a mind of its own.
Sometimes when I turn off the truck and open the door, the blower is still going. I even press the off button on the front panel and the blower is still going :grrrrrr:

I have found a ac delco part that is called the blower controller for $56.
According to the tech bulletins, this part needs to be replaced with an updated version of this blower controller.

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Let us know how that works out. If you diy, take some pics and post them too.
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