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burb comes home

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my suburban comes home tommorrow :party: :party: :party: :party: . Ill post all the pics i can of this dented up beast.
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Hey Dan, What were you having done to it again. I forgot. Was it in shop or is it a new (used) ride coming home?
it was in the shop. It needed all new brake lines new rear brakes new blower motor some electrical stuff new AC compressor. I havent had power here for a few days a pretty nasty storm ripped through here. F1 tornados apparently. I've been checking in here when i can from places with power. Once i get home and settled ill post the pics
Holy smokes. Well at least your Ok anyway. Sounds good on the truck side, hopefully it works good. Good luck! :great:
here's a bad cell phone pic of it (hopefully).
the tires on it now suck, Dunlop Rover RV??? 245 70r they're beat to death. Im putting on American Prospector AT 255 70r i think it will make it look a little better. I took it through a little mud and it did much better than the 2 wheel drive gmc pickup what a surprise. Do you think that that size tire will rub? I know when I went a step up on the sierra they rubbed. Oh and what the hell, why didnt anyone on here tell me that these damn things had a 42 gallon tank??? I thought 34 sucked. I guess I'll be putting in overtime. More decent pictures to come. Thanks for your help. DAN
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you must have linked us to a picture that was in your personal yahoo email account. try dowloading it from your email and uplading it to photobucket or imageshack.
ok lemme try this again.
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Hey nice! I love the truck. You know I thought about getting one but there so damn big and I'm not hauling a trailer right now. So with the gas prices and all. I guess I'll just be a Suburban admirer...
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