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I read an article about corporate tax that compared the benefits for large companies desiring to move their ownership to other countries.
In the next 18 months we should see more buisnesses moving as congress passes new tax laws and buisness restrictions.
The average Corporate tax in the U.S. is 36%, by moving to Canada they can lower that to around 17%, but still maintain their headquarters in Florida.
BK isnt the first company to threaten this move in the last year, theres been 27 major corporations that moved in the last 12 months and 11 others that filed but didnt make the move.
Most companies threaten to move and then are offered tax loop holes to stay that will drop their tax on an average to around 15%.
Buisness weekly has been covering this trend for a few months, every time they attempt to get a quote from the present Administration it gets down played and they attempt to blow smoke on how well the economy's doing.
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