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Pay off the old truck as fast as you can, pay extra even if it pinch's the budget a little.
Once the truck and all other credit/bills are payed off start saving all the money you were paying for your house.
After you get the house and are settled with the monthly note then start saving for a new truck.
Dont get anxious to have a new truck wait until you have atleast 1/3 to 1/2 the cost saved for a down payment.
When you go to buy your new truck never argue the monthly note, they'll just add months to make it fit, always argue the total cost of the truck, use the same tactic buying your house.
Interest is a losing proposition your paying way to much for the priveledge of holding on to someone elses money, why so you can drive the newest truck on the road today, tomorrow its a used truck worth less, same thing with a house buy what you can afford, if your standard of living gets better i.e. a pay raise then pay off the house faster so you owe less interest and have more equity, the equity will be the down payment for your next home.
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