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Buy, sell and trade

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This new section is open now. It's pretty much self explanitory.

Just don't sell anything blatently commercial, like your kid's girl scout cookies or amway.

You can all thank Dr. Zero for bugging me to put this up here too.,,,,,,,
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Cool beans!

Thank you!

Wish I had some Chevy/GMC stuff to through up here LOL!

I do have some Old Ford shop manuals or is that sacrilege :shock:
I'm not sure how many Ford shop manuals you could sell on here. Sounds like a corny joke. "How many Ford Shop manuals does it take to change a lightbulb?"
Don’t judge me.

What Ford shop manuals are they?
84fiero123 said:
Don’t judge me.

What Ford shop manuals are they?
1972 Ford Truck 1-5 + preliminary

Ford F-Series Owners bible

I had 2 F100 that I sold to make some room a (72) Custom short bed and a (71) long bed.

Have parts but dont want to hijack this thread too bad :oops:
Sorry those are just to old. Unless the F series manuals are for the 80’s or 90’s.
Hey at least their American.
No, I've owned some Fords in my past. Haven't we all??
Currently guilty, and considering being guilty again...
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