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I believe this year I'm going to have to do a Smog test on both of my trucks.. I'm not worried about my 2004 passing at all, but my 1977's got me a little worried..

There's no modifications on it at all. My grandfather bought it new, and has never had a problem with it passing.. but the past couple year's it's been sitting a lot (I've probably put 2,000 miles on it in the last two years.. nothing's wrong with it, It runs great! It just gets 8mpg and is pretty expensive to drive). I've heard of some people using "Guaranteed to Pass" fuel additives.. some people are suggesting rebuilding and cleaning the carburetor.. and some people are telling me to run a tank of 91 through it to clean it out..

What do you guys do before a Smog test to help make sure you'll pass?
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