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Cab Filters

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How does one change the cab filters?
2000 Silverado ext cab Z71
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I've heard that you only need to change them if you have an issue with dirty air, pollen, etc. So, I've never tried to change one.

Wix website has a cool cabin filter location finder

Never changed one although when I frequented those Quicky Lube places, they always tried to sell me one. I checked the wix filters website and they indicated that the filter location on your truck is under the center of the dash.
Follow this link and there is another link for the cabin air filter:
i read on the amsoil site how to do it. they sell the cabin filter. not sure exact steps. but you take off wipers then the cow and its under there. check the amsoil site.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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