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Great deals on used Suburbans-

There are lots of great deals on used Suburbans out there.I paid $2950 2 weeks ago for my 1998 2wd 1500.Granted it has 195,000 miles on it, but the trans was rebuilt 1 year ago and the AC and other stuff replaced 2 years ago.Cosmetically it is in great shape.When our finances improve I'll buy a new Goodwrench motor($2240+shipping) and put it in.
The deals will get even better if we have one hurricane in the gulf this year(hope we don't,I live 3 miles W of New Orleans). Gasoline will spike,and big vehicles,will drop in resale.
Shame really-the Suburbans are so useful-like having a very comfortable long bed pickup with the worlds best camper top.Great evacuation vehicle also(which is why we have it-2 greyhounds,4 cats,3 adults-we need a big vehicle to get out of town).We only plan to drive it maybe 5000 miles a year,so the gas-350-400 gallons won't be too bad.

Keep looking,you will find an even better one for $3000 or so.They are the best used car bargains out there now.
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