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Can a new navigation/radio fit?

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Has anyone thought about plugging the new navigation/CD/XM/Radio into a 2000-2004 Tahoe? It's the only option I don't have, and I hate that! :D .

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navigation/radio on a 2004 tahoe

I have a 2004 tahoe and recently I just had a professional stereo place installed a new eclipse navigation/radio/dvd/mp3 system in it. They did a good job installing it and it works great. The only thing was for some reason the "BRAKE" and "ABS" warning lights on the dashboard keeps going on and off while I'm driving. I already brought it back to the installer and thought that they fixed it, but it's doing it again. I will bring it back and let them fix it again and hope this time it will work. DOES ANYONE OUT THERE CAN TELL ME WHAT MAY CAUSE THE PROBLEM???
Well, always be suspicious when someone does something, but unless they did something that they shouldn't have done, your dashboard warnings shouldn't have been effected by the install job. Try taking it back again and see what they say.
I heard something to the effect that if you replace your delco radio with an aftermarket, it will cause your onboard computer to go wacky. For some reason some control is wired or controlled through the radio
It could be just coincidence that the warning lights came on after the install, but not likely.

Kenwood makes a great touchscreen unit that can be professionally installed if the installer is skillful enough. It will basically make the whole area where your factory radio was one big touchscreen that plays DVD's, can handle navigation software, etc. I found it at Best Buy for $1800, but opted to just get an in dash DVD player with 3" TFT screen made by JVC. Been really happy with it.
I called Chevy, and they called my closest dealer, and yes it can be installed in my Tahoe. Does anyone know if you can listen to music (radio or XM) while the nav system is running?
I may just install a Pioneer DVD/Nav system in one of the storage compartments in the dash. This will allow my wife to watch her own DVD's while the kids watch the factory unit.

i'm told that you can. my choice is the pioneer avicd1 with xm/traffic option and rear view camera on 2005 tahoe z71. key is still having everything work ie: wheel inputs. anyone know different?

follow up....installer confirmed that pioneer avicd1 in dash with xm traffic and rear view camera will fit and work with wheel controls and interface with onstar.
I have a 2006 Tahoe Z71 with BOSE, the DVD system, XM, and Onstar factory installed. I am having a "professional" install the GM touch screen Nav system - which they did, but used a magnetic mount external antenna on the roof for GPS signal. Can't they use the existing Onstar GPS antenna instead and get rid of the insightly magnetic mount? They are saying they they don't know how to do it.
I talked to someone regaurding your problem and they said it's quite possible speed senor is losing power. A the factory radio has a speed senor so that the faster you go the radio gets louder, (just loud enough to compensate for the road noise...
Impala Dave - Yes you can listen to AM/FM/SAT while the NAV is running. However you can not listen to a CD because the NAV DVD has to be in to run the NAV system.

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