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can someone "unlock" this one for me?

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As you might have already figured out, I have an 04 TB. LOVE IT!!! I love Chevies in general, my last being a '94 Blazer with all of the bells and whistles. My new one, sadly, doesn't have the one thing I truly miss from my old one....remote keyless entry. :cry: :cry:

I have been told by one auto access. place that this model (and the Envoy) can't be installed after market because something to do with breaking a vaccuum seal in the door. My husband jumped on that....didn't want to put that one in if he didn't have to. :bang

Is this true or are the men conspiring against me?? :?

I know that a lot of you out there are men.....please don't gang up on me here. :ang
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Does the TB currently have power locks? If it does, then you can very likely get the remote keyless entry added on, unless there is something very special about the TB, and I'm not sure there is.

If you don't have power locks, then it's a lot more tricky. You'd have to get that added first before you could get the Keyless entry.

As for the door being vaccuum sealed. All doors are hollow and have little water drains at the bottom of them. They're not sealed off at all. Water goes in through the windows and runs out of the holes in the bottom of the door.
Steve, yes I do have power door locks. The man told us that this model has some sort of vacuum seal, and in order to install the remote keyless entry, the seal would be broken ( I take it when they remove the door panel to access the inside of the door?). So, can't the vacuum seal be reapplied once the device was added? He said this also applied to the '04 Envoy.
Could the vacuum seal he is referring to have to do with a seal on the automatic door lock assembly? :?:
I am just totally confused here, maybe he and my husband are in cahoots over this and my confusion is what they are aiming for. I am persistant....if I want it, I won't give up until I get it!! :twisted:
Well, it CAN be added to your vehicle. Becuase it's an option that the dealership will sell to you even now. But, they'll want a couple of hundred $$ for it. I'll bet that it's already there and that they just have to "turn it on", so to speak.

Call up a local dealership in your area and just ask them if you can bring in your 2004 and have the keyless entry added in house. Just see if it's a service that they offer. It probably is.
By the way? Who doesn't want keyless entry? 8)
Just curious. Any word back on this?
Some imports (M-Benz comes to mind) used to, and maybe still do, use vacuum lines instead of electric motors to lock/unlock the doors. Perhaps this is what the confusion is about?

The '04 TB and Envoy use the normal motor-powered system, at least according to the '04 wiring diagrams. My '02 Envoy has electric locks without question. If you can hear a solid noise when you lock or unlock the doors that's the electric locks doing their thing. Vacuum-powered locks are very quiet.

I know of no vacuum seal that would be broken by adding electric keyless entry. Nothing in the doors is vacuum-sealed; they are pretty much hollow in the middle to make room for the window, window motor, wiring, lock actuator, etc. There IS a plastic water barrier that must be moved to get inside the door, but you can just put it back. Also, in theory all the wiring you'd need to tap into is contained in the switch unit on the arm rest. The door does not need to come apart much to get at this.
That could be. I've got no experience with anything like that, I wasn't aware that they did that.
Just thought that I would let all of you good people know that I now have remote doorlocks!!!! :D :D :D No explanation given, just that "here's your remote from the dealer...cost $65". :wink: So, I would surmise that bmm354 was right on (since I had passed the info on). :idea: Thank you!!!
I am a happy woman now!!! :p :p
Awesome! That's great.
You can get replacement remotes off of ebay for $20 if you need another one. Keyless entry is factory installed on every GMT360-370 (all TB/envoys), but the LS models have to have something done to them to get it to work, not exactly sure what it is because I have an LT. As bmm354 said, there is no vacuum thingy on the TB, even the A/C uses electrical switches instead of vacuum pressure!
I bought mine pre-owned from a dealer. Only gave me one keyless remote. So I had to buy another. Paid $15 for it on eBay. Now one is lost and I have to buy another one!
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