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Pontiac G5 Rhythm of the Road Poll Reveals Canada 's Top Driving Songs;
Indicates 2/3 of Canadian drivers sing in the car

Oshawa , Ontario– A Canadian classic has been designated as Canada ’s favourite driving song, according to a new national poll of drivers. Bryan Adams’ signature summer anthem – The Summer of ’69 – emerged as the nation’s favourite summer driving song from drivers polled in the Pontiac G5 Rhythm of the Road Poll – designed to explore the common emotional experience of singing in the car.

The winning song was a true national favourite, topping the list among both English and French-speaking Canadians, men and women alike.

Canada ’s Favourite Driving Songs – Essential Summer Listening

#1 – Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

#2 – Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

#3 – Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

#4 – It’s Only Rock and Roll – The Rolling Stones

#5 – Drive My Car – The Beatles

#6 – Free Falling – Tom Petty

#7 – Radar Love – Golden Earring

Poll respondents were asked to pick their favourite driving song from this short-list volunteered by a panel of music journalists.

“There are loads of great car songs, but to be a driving classic, the song needs to stand the test of time,” said Aaron Brophy, managing editor, Chart Magazine. “The universal quality of Canada ’s top driving songs is the feeling you get when you’re alone in the car and one of them comes on — you can’t help but get swept up in the moment.”

The Pontiac G5 Rhythm of the Road Poll delved deeper into the phenomenon of singing in the car to uncover the attitudes and motivations of drivers in regard to this common emotional experience:

We Love to Sing in the Car – Especially Women!

The Pontiac G5 Rhythm of the Road Poll found two in three (66 per cent) Canadian drivers admit to singing in the car

Females let their voices be heard: of those who sing, three in four (73 per cent) are women, compared to only 58 per cent of men

A little help from my friends: one in three (32 per cent) sing with friends and family in the car

Solo careers: a quarter (25 per cent) of Canadians go solo and sing to themselves when behind the wheel

Ontario residents are the most likely to enjoy singing in the car at 37 per cent; Quebec residents the least – almost half (46 per cent) say they never sing in the car

Mood Enhancement

More than a third (35 per cent) of poll respondents say belting out their favourite tune enhances the driving experience and helps pass the time behind the wheel; this is likely fueled by the fact that 31 per cent of drivers say they are simply natural performers who just love to sing wherever they are

Radio still rules: 52 per cent of poll respondents report they sing along to

songs on the radio most often; 34 per cent prefer to personally select their

sing-a-long tunes on CD, MP3 or cassette.

Busted Behind the Wheel…

Half of drivers polled (50 per cent) report being spotted by other drivers singing aloud in their car

B.C. drivers are the most frequent offenders – 64 per cent have been busted singing along to favourite tunes

Quebec drivers are the most discreet – only 34 per cent have been caught singing by other drivers

…but Drivers keep rocking!

More than three in four (77 per cent) drivers say they keep rocking out confidently when another driver spies them singing in the car

Alberta drivers are the most confident – 82 per cent

BC drivers are the most shy – 36 per cent say once spotted they stop singing and look away

“Anyone who drives can relate to the feelings of exhilaration and happiness that come with belting out the lyrics of a great summer anthem behind the wheel,” said Amrit Mehta, Pontiac brand manager, General Motors of Canada. “A car like the Pontiac G5 is the ideal acoustic environment for music and lends itself perfectly to this powerful experience.”

Today at noon, Pontiac will bring the results of the Pontiac G5 Rhythm of the Road Poll to life on location in Toronto and Montreal with the Pontiac Sing-A-Long — a world record attempt for largest group Sing-A-Long of Canada’s favourite summer driving anthem at the TD Centre Courtyard in Toronto, and Complexe Desjardins in Montreal. One of the participants from each site will drive away a winner of a new Pontiac G5 GT for one year.

With an available 228-watt Pioneer seven speaker sound system, available XM Satellite Radio, and Ipod/MP3 interface the Pontiac G5 will ignite the feeling in any music lover and enable drivers to enjoy one of the great pastimes behind the wheel.
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