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Car covers [Expired Topic]

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Was wondering if anyone is keeping their Suburban outside under a car cover?

I recently got the chance to keep my Suburban off the road except to pull my 25' trailer and of course any nights out, weddings and other special events.

Only problem is I have to leave it out of the garage now and I would like to get it covered but can't swing another structure right now.
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RE: Car covers

One of those domed covers maybe, don't think they make a baby blanket for these guys.

Like these.
Looks tempting but I don't have $500 for that right now. I was thinking more like the ones you just cover the vehicle with.

They make them and they seem to run anywhere from $175.00 to $500.00+. I was trying to stay more in the $200-$225 neighborhood.
You are right. they do make them. But like you said they are not cheep.
suburban covers

Alltho the other garage types do start at $290.
Check out this mfg. $239 for a nice 10x20 canopy.
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Those are all good options. Just depends on what you want to do. Keeping the elements off your paint really is a no brainer that it will help preserve it.
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