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Having a problem with my 1980 Chevy C-10 Silverado. before i did any work, no matter how hot it was outside you had to feather the throttle for a good 10 minutes until the truck would run on its own. Now it pops right off after pumping the throttle a few times. But even if you have been driving it for a good 20 minutes (plenty of time to reach operating temp.) if you stomp on the gas real hard or just push the pedal down a little to fast, the motor cuts out for a second and then takes off or it just dies. i dont know if this is a symptom of running too lean or too rich. I also don't know where any of the vacuum ports on the carb go so i have them capped off (basically just a screw in the end of a small piece of hose coming from the vacuum nossel). But that carb is sealed tighter than a Chrystal ball. I have made sure of this by spraying carb cleaner all over the carburetor and the motor never ran any different. Maybe its a low float level? not sure, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks guys,
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