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Cat 4-ward ?

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I have a 99 2-door Tahoe , has anyone done a cat forward system on a 96-99 truck ? I'd like to know if it's worth the cost . Summit offers 5 for these trucks from $250.00-450.00 , all stainless pipes and cats . I just had a Magnaflow all stainless dual system made , it's great . In Pgh. Pa. , stainless is the only way to go ,unless you want to replace it every 2-3 years .
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I don't know about all stainless headers, check Gibson, I think they have it, Also, the Edelbrock headers are coated and have excellent corrosion resistance!! A new header system on your truck makes all the difference in the world. I think it is the single best improvement you can do for your engine's breathing!!
I just added stainless headers , that I got on ebay . Brand new , OBX Racing , $327.00 , delivered to my door . First I did the K&N filtercharger , nice improvement , then I had a Magnaflow duel cat system made of stainless at a local muffler shop using the muffler as a crossover (was told by many exhaust pros. the best way to go) instead of two mufflers . Real nice improvement . Now I installed the headers , this sucker LAUNCHES from a stndstill or at any speed . Would changing the cats themselves be much of an improvement . I'm getting a tuner as soon as I decide which one .
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