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Changing out front seat belts?

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Folks, I am concerned about our front seat/shoulder belts in the 1990 GMC Suburban. When you pull on the shoulder strap, it doesn't stop, i.e. you can pull it straight out and it will snap back but it won't jerk to a stop, like lap belts do on other cars, so I'm afraid that it is some how worn out.
I called the local GMC parts dept., and they told me that the seat belts for the 1990 GMC Suburban were not available any more.
I have seen them on, and the parts bin web site, but was wondering if anyone had changed them out, what their experience might have been, where they purchased them, etc., as I don't want to drill and tap new holes, if I replace them, I would like it to be as seamless as possible. By the way, there is nothing wrong with the female receptacle where the seat belt inserts, just the belt itself. I don't know if one can replace the shoulderstrap/seat belt part, of if both halves have to be replaced.
Thanks so much in advance!
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You should try LMCTruck to locate the parts. When I went to install an amp in my '91, I needed to pull the seatbelt on the drivers side up. It's a pretty big socket, and it's at a pretty high torque spec, so be prepared for that. I never did get the front seat belts removed to do the install, but I worked around them. It looks to be a relaivley straight forward process however. Shouldn't be too hard...
A 2’ breaker bar should do the trick, if that doesn’t work put a cheater pipe over the bar.

We put them in with a ½’ impact gun, when they get stuck going in we used a one inch impact gun to get them seated, the bolts.

I believe they are t-50’s for the seat belt bolts. (torx)

If you give the seat belt a quick jerk after the belt is on it should lock up. that’s how we checked them at the factory.
there is an inerta switch on them they should free flow unless jolted then they should lockup. mine sometimes lock at the wrong time but 95% free float. might remove the cover and clean and re-grease and test....mike
I easily removed mine with a 1/2" drive deep socket and a few moments of my time. They came out quite easily.
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