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Changing Wheels???

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I'm looking to get some aftermarket wheels for my truck, i have a 06 crewcab with the Z71 package. I'm looking to get 24" with low profile tires, just wondering if anyone has changed the stock wheels to a different size, and if so if theres any problems or concerns.

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cool i have 22's but im going for 24's soon and hopefully will got for 26's in the winter......but no problems yet......

These are my next 24's

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I took off the cheap 15" steelies and put on Z71 4x4 on my 05 colorado ext cab Z85 base model
These are my next 24's
I love that design, very cool.
ok i am new here. i have an 05 colorado crew cab I-5 i put 20's on it and i have had a problem with the drivers side rear wheel rubbing against the bed flange near the wheel. it only happens when i am going up at an angle like a steep drive way. nothing a grinder cant fix. has antone else had this problem? the truck has stock suspension. its an ls model.
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