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"check airbag" light

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Hi everyone. I have a friend whose "check airbag" light keeps coming on in his 2005 GMC Sierra. It's not on all the time though; it goes off and on. He thinks it may be a sensor but doesn't know how to check it. Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!
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Dixie.... The light will come on at start-up , of course, till the system sets itself, But you seem to say that it comes on & off after that point.

Does the "check engine light" come on during or after the "air bag" light.

You may want to have someone scan the system, see if the system has any codes or if the air bag system may have a hard code problem?

Be careful when probing or messing with the air bag could end up costing must more than you think if you set the system off!!!!!
2005 should still be under warrenty.. i would take mine back to the dealer.
Your friend didnt recently put in a new stereo or have anything done behind the dash lately did he? The most common cause of a sporadic airbag light is improper connection of the harness connectors after working on or behind the dash.
I had that same problem in my 05 Silverado. Sometimes light would come on and then sometimes it would go out for a few days then maybe come back on. I brought it too the garage and then couldn't find any codes so they changed sensor out and said if it came back I would need a new air bag...It didn't come back on after sensor was replaced. Hope that helps..
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