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Chevy 454 in my Suburban [Expired Topic]

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My suburban has the old 454 and I wouldn't live without it.
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The 454 (the 7.4 L) is one of the hardest working engines in the history of the internal combustion engine. Two thumbs up to the designers who developed this bad boy.
life with the 454...

Hey Sparky is that truck more than a 1500 series then with the 454? The power has to be great but what kind of milage do you get with that thing? I have the 350 5.7 and am lucky if I hit about 12 mpg?

-- Michael
Growing up, our suburban has a 454 in it. I don't think that we ever got anywhere near 10 MPG most of the time.
Although I do have a soft spot for big blocks(lots of power potential), I think the best thing GM did was put a Diesel in the Suburban(great torque for towing or just moving such a large beast and fuel economy), I also think the stupidest thing GM did was to stop offering the Diesel in the Suburban(especially the Duramax). The biggest/heaviest thing they build should have a Diesel as an option. The initial cost may not be cheap but it will pay for itself in the long term as well as have a higher resale value. I have heard from alot of sales reps at various dealerships that this has been a huge complaint from alot of customers which has affected sales. The rumor is that GM is going to be offering a V6 version of the Duramax in 2007, time will tell.
Sounds like a sweet ride, Dieselburb. I particularily like the longevity of those diesels. Can't wait till we have some pictures of the trucks to go along with the page.
The concept of the diesel has been around for a long time. There have even been some diesels that run on peanut oil, which can be very cheap to grow and distill. Not to mention the lower operating RMP and longer engine life.

My folks just bought a 37" Bounder motorhome, complete with a CAT 300HP turbodiesel. They went from about 7-8 MPG gas to about 10-11 Diesel.
We bought a horse trailer online in North Carolina, and drove from Rhode Island to pick it up. We averaged about 12mpg even with the trailer in tow. Gotta love the 454! Not great gas mileage, but you'd never know we even towed anything back since we tanked up just as frequently on the way back, as the way down.

Steve how much acreage would you need to have to be able to harvest your own peanut oil??? :shock:
Yeah, if gas mileage isn't a consideration, then it's the engine of choice for me.
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