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One thing I've been wondering about the Avalanche lately. How do people like it?

I've seen discussions about other SUV/pickup hybrids that weren't always positive. It seemed to boil down to, the manufacturer tried to make something that would be both and SUV and a pickup, and ended up making something that did neither well. Those who bought in for the pickup bed found that the pickup bed was too small for what they needed. Those who bought in for the SUV found that the bed cut too deep into the enclosed cargo/people area.

So do yo like the way GM hybridized the SUV and pickup, or do you wish you'd just gotten a FS pickup or a FS SUV?

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Taking each at their face value from the manufacturer, with no add ons, or aftermarket items.

I'd like to say that the Avalanche is great. I'm really glad we got it.
Like I said in another post you can't carry a piano in a burb, but you can in a truck. Since the Avalanche does the truck thing, it works out well in that respect. The included bed/tonneau cover helps keep things all closed up, and dry. The full back seat makes for great passenger space. No one is eating their knees when riding in the back seat.

Plus it's very capable of towing a decent amount.

I love my burb, but if I had to give it up, I would go for an Avalanche.

A pickup truck lacks the ability to keep your cargo out of the elements, but you can do a fifth wheel. Where as you cannot with an Avalanche.
Certainly each vehicle type has it's advantages. I've owned each, and I feel the Avalanche delivers on it's promise of multi purpose.
The only thing I think would be a welcome addition would be what Honda did with their Ridgeline, and put a storage area/trunk in the bed of the Avalanche. My wife loves the insulated side storage pockets on the Avalanche. We rarely use them for more than vehicle supplies (ice scraper, tire iron..etc) but it's good to know we can throw some ice in there with some cans of (your favorite carbonated non-alcoholic beverages) and not have to worry about making space for a cooler.

You can never have enough storage space. IMO
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